All About Us

We are Michael and Kristina! A Canadian couple living life on the road since October 2017. We spent over 12 months planning… organizing… and growing… so that we could live a life free from societal restraints. We are not those who follow crowds. We welcome the opportunity to take risks; we think outside the box; and we walk where many hesitate to step.

Core Beliefs And Philosophies…


We are the communities that we have experienced. The people and the communities in our world have become our home. We accept the kindness from strangers and trust that people want to genuinely help. We seek to explore and connect with all of the beauty this world has to offer. We stay with locals using Couchsurfing as much as we can as we believe in the power of this trusting and reciprocal community. We live a life of minimalism so that we can be free to roam, to meet more people, and to learn from the many communities in our world.

Health & Wellness

We are what we eat and how we think. We survive off a plant-based diet. We draw our energy from raw food, activities, adventures and exercise. We treat our bodies as though we only have one. We know the importance of physical health and we dare not forget about the importance of mental health. We stop, we breathe, we meditate, and we reflect. We live in the moment and take the time to see, to hear, and to feel. We are yogic.


We are the relationships we cherish. Our relationship with other people; our partner, our parents, our siblings, and our friends. Our relationship with ourselves; how we nurture  our bodies and our minds. And finally our relationship with our planet and its living beings; the appreciation for only one planet earth and its sustainability. These relationships dictate who we are. If nurtured and held to a high standard of respect, compassion, and love, our relationships become a source of positivity in our lives.

What We Love To Do…




Posts About Us



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