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Eating Vegan Food while Traveling

As brand new folks to the vegan movement, we thought we would share the whole truth about our experience traveling while eating vegan food. Having gone from a full-fledged carnivore diet only two years ago, we slowly weaned ourselves into the vegan lifestyle. We started by cooking one vegetarian meal per week. We then committed […]

The Journey of the Love Birds

 What does our love story look like? It wasn’t a walk in the park… let me tell yah.  Yes, there were long walks on exotic and foreign beaches, cute picnic lunches, and long bike rides looking for adventure – but there were also lots of tough conversations, miscommunications, and frustrations. When Michael’s mom first met Kristina […]

Where are we going? Travel Plans Revealed

Bring it on 2017. We’re ready for ya! With a new year comes resolutions, new diet regimes, work out plans, and a goal to live your life better than the last 365 days. How often do those resolutions die hard, though. We’ve all made them. We’ve all worked hard to try to keep them for […]

How we are financing our lifestyle

Finance your nomadic lifestyle “Can I ask you a question? How are you funding this?” This is the curious question that most people ask when they hear of our anticipated adventures. While we wish there were some family roots in royalty or some hidden trust fund out there for us, we’re just humble folk undertaking […]


How we became Minimalists

Ever thought you could get rid of most everything you own?  Your beloved sofa that’s perfectly moulded to your comfort?  That really unique dining room table that you refinished yourselves?  Or even that amazing fireplace that you found on the side of the road?  We couldn’t. Before this year. Anyone who knows Kristina knows her love of […]

Our Leap for an Unconventional Life

The Unconventional Life This blog officially begins our journey.  Our Journey to live the unconventional.  To toss the bowlines and set sail into the unknown of a life of adventures. Not quite sure what we mean?  We’ve committed to selling all of our belongings and starting a journey that will take us to all the […]

Who is Journey of a Compass?

Who are we? We are a travel couple set out to live the unconventional life. Why the Name? Journey of a Compass. A name that seems to tell a story. And that’s what we love about it.  Our story is the adventure we have chosen to live. Guided by a compass and direction to see […]