8 TIPS to Safe Travel

How  are we planning and prepping for MONEY and CREDIT CARDS? What are we doing if we lose our WALLET? What if we lose our PASSPORT? All these questions answered as we share our helpful Travel Precautions – safety & security tips. Check out the video below as well… we even throw in a few stories about how we learned the hard way!


Traveling with a lot of cash is not always best.  You are susceptible to theft or losing it, especially if you flash it all over the place! OR… even worse, when you change countries and are stuck with a bunch of currency you can’t even use!

Using credit cards is not always that easy… mostly when traveling through 3rd world countries. A lot of places will take cash only!

We’ll be using debit cards to take out money when we arrive into a country. Since we have a rough estimation of our budget, we’ll know approximately how much to take out so you don’t have any extra when you leave the country.

SAFETY TIP: We’ll have a few cards (one in each bag), so in case our bag gets stolen or we lose one, we’ll have a backup! This same trick applies to our credit cards. We’ll likely have 2 credit cards , and 2 debit card each!

Don't carry too much cash when you travel

Don’t carry too much cash when you travel


Fortunately, our Nomadic Travel Bag has an RFID protection zipper pocket, which prevents identity theft from people trying to scan your information. But if you don’t have the Nomadic Travel Bag, there are other options as well:

Travel Wallets
Card Sleeves
Passport Holder
Credit Card Protector
RFID Blocking Bag

Protect your documents from Identity theft with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection.

Protect your documents from Identity theft with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection.


Always good to have backups! Take a photocopy scan of your credit cards, debit cards, passports, IDs etc… then do the following:

  • Make a digital copy and store it all of your travel devices
  • Send an e-mail with the digital copy to yourself
  • Send an e-mail copy to a friend or family member
  • Print a copy and fold it up and put it in your bag (in case you are in a bind and have no access to internet)
Make a digital copy of your travel documents in case they're stolen or lost.

Make a digital copy of your travel documents in case they’re stolen or lost.


As we are planning to stay in hostels and other communal type accommodations, it is important to use travel locks to prevent access to your bag. AND the lockers that are provided at these communal-like accommodations often provider lockers, which you should take full advantage of. We are bringing one hefty locker-lock for this purchase.

Safety Tip: Make sure you get combo-locks and not key-locks because if you lose your key… you are !@#&*^!


Before you leave for WHEREVER you are going, you should take some US cash in incremental bills like 5-10-20’s and place it in your travel bag somewhere where you WILL NOT USE IT! This is your emergency cash. Only use it when you are absolutely stuck!

Safety Tip: If you have to use it… make sure you replenish it as soon as possible.

You never know when you'll need cash in an emergency situation.

You never know when you’ll need cash in an emergency situation.


BAG SELECTION: Choose a day bag that is not easily accessible. Make sure the zippers or entrance into the bag is either from the front (aka where it rests on your back) or with the zippers covered or hidden well enough that thieves can’t just ZIP and grab!

Carabiners: If you are going into a crowded place and you want a little extra protection, use a carabiner on your zippers. This makes accessing your bag MUCH more difficult and will likely ward off pick-pocketers.

Carabiners can be used to help protect you from pickpocketers.

Carabiners can be used to help protect you from pickpocketers.


Self explanatory I think! But essentially, don’t be obnoxious and draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. Don’t be loud… don’t be flashy… don’t pull out your travel map and compass in the middle of a crowd (That would be hilarious actually!) Be respectful of the people that live where you are visiting!


If your stomach is turning with the idea of taking that short-cut; OR you came across an AMAZING deal for exchanging money… listen to your gut! Most often if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is scam or safety concern!

We are all about taking risks but your gut will ultimately save you in the end!

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Fast approaching the time to go! Therefore, its time to cover the GAME PLAN before starting off the journey (of a compass) Ha

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