We share our tips on how to prepare for foreign food AND how you can save some money in the process. We know these tips may not be for everyone. We found that if we could make 1-2 small adjustments at a time, the transition was very easy. We highly recommend that everyone tries to adapt more vegetarian meals.

– Episode #9 – Travel Diet

Reasons and BENEFITS for an adapted travel diet

  1. Save money – Let’s face it, meat is expense! Especially if you are buying organic, which is ridiculous for any average household to purchase. We save, on average, $140/month from switching to vegetarian meals. That is over a 25% savings in grocery bills in a month! If you accumulate that over time, you will have more money to travel 🙂
  2. Flexible Diet – When you try to experiment with different foods, you may not like them all. BUT, you may find that there are some that have been missing from your life this whole time. Then you find out they provide better nutrients for you AND it costs less? Like common…
  3. Health Benefits – Your body will have access to more vitamins and minerals. Even though you may not think you need more vitamins and minerals, you do! The body  can easily be depleted from vitamins and minerals which can be the underlying cause of many disease conditions. We found we have: more energy, less fatigue, clearer thoughts and less stress.

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