How we became Minimalists

Ever thought you could get rid of most everything you own?  Your beloved sofa that’s perfectly moulded to your comfort?  That really unique dining room table that you refinished yourselves?  Or even that amazing fireplace that you found on the side of the road?  We couldn’t.

Before this year.

Anyone who knows Kristina knows her love of antiques, particularly a red barn door that’s been threatened to be used as firewood many times.  While the barn door and other irreplaceable antiques and travel memorabilia are in safe keeping in our parents’ basement, everything else is gone.  We are now minimalists.

We’ve sold all of our belongings for a one-way ticket

As we sat in our hammock one evening in August, we talked about our departure date in 2017.  If we were really going to do this, we were going to commit now. Commit to making a change in the way we were living this next year.

Both of us were doubtful we could make anything happen in the two weeks before the next month’s rent was due.  But what we’ve learned about our dynamic duo is that when we set our focus on a goal, we make a beautiful combination of calculated and impulsive decisions to make it happen.  No excuses.


We thought it was funny that our landlord seemed so personally invested in what he believed was a tragedy- “why would you ever want to get rid of all this stuff and leave our safe jobs? You have benefits!”  He saw it as a loss.  We see it as an opportunity.

In the matter of two weeks, the kijiji-queen went to work (a website where you can buy and sell used items, rent apartments, etc.) and piece-by-piece, our apartment became empty.  With every item that disappeared, an incredible thing happened.

We felt lighter, freer, and we could breathe easier.

What we’ve discovered is that we so often fill our lives with material things that consume us.  And the bigger the living space, the more we seem to accumulate.

So we purged, we sold, and we gave away endless amounts of stuff that no longer held meaning to us.

Living a minimalist lifestyle has been a liberation; with less stuff, we discovered we gained more time.  Sounds a bit crazy?  It isn’t. We’ve discovered that having less, offers minimized distraction.  Less time dedicated to meaningless things around the house and more time for us.  We now spend more time reading and nurturing ourselves as individuals, and as a team.


As we closed the door to our first home together, we saw our empty apartment as the end of a chapter and the beginning of an exciting adventure.  A focused goal which brings us closer to living a lifestyle that is unconventional.

So what’s the plan for the next year?  We now only own a bed, a dresser, a desk, and the essential belongings to get us through the next year in Canada.  Oh and one set of wheels.  We will be living with family (an amazing couple and their 9-yr old son) who have graciously welcomed us into their home.

Sell all our belongings?  Check.  Minimalist life?  Check.

One step closer to living in a backpack.