How we are financing our lifestyle

Finance your nomadic lifestyle

“Can I ask you a question? How are you funding this?” This is the curious question that most people ask when they hear of our anticipated adventures.

While we wish there were some family roots in royalty or some hidden trust fund out there for us, we’re just humble folk undertaking an adventure that is entirely self-funded.

The social worker in the dynamic duo likes to point out the privilege we were born into; a university education, a solid support system of family and friends that encourage and accept our lifestyle, and debt-free finances.


But there’s also more to it. We are both extremely frugal and committed to living debt-free which helps.  We are serial-savers and money savvy.  We’ve worked hard for several years to stash away every little extra from our paychecks, pay off school loans, and downsize our living to cut our monthly costs to a fraction. Kristina is working part-time at a community health centre while doing her graduate degree and Michael is working full-time as a physiotherapist. Every paycheck goes to the bank.

And we have made a commitment.  We’ve prioritized travel over buying a house, going out for nice dinners on the weekend, and acquiring the small luxuries of life.

So how will the money keep coming in once the savings are done?

At the end of this year, we will have saved enough for a full year of travel.  There’s a French expression that says you can’t survive off of love and fresh water.  We know.  Our love is endless, but the savings will run out eventually.  So we are looking into a couple sources of income to fund our lifestyle including small-scale income properties and online businesses. We are looking into ways to utilize our skills as a social worker and physiotherapist to make alternative forms of income as well.

Yes, mom. There will be contributions to our retirement and savings in case of an emergency.  Well… eventually resumed.  Our goal is to yield enough monthly income to live a subsistence living while saving enough for the “what ifs” and “later on”.

In due time our goal is to get to a point of financial freedom/location independent lifestyle.