Where are we going? Travel Plans Revealed

Bring it on 2017. We’re ready for ya!

With a new year comes resolutions, new diet regimes, work out plans, and a goal to live your life better than the last 365 days. How often do those resolutions die hard, though. We’ve all made them. We’ve all worked hard to try to keep them for the next 12 months. And we’ve all seen them fall by the way-side as we’ve gone back to old habits.

As people asked us what our resolutions were for 2017, we realized it wasn’t something tangible. It doesn’t have a goal that includes a certain number of step counts or a different number of calories consumed. For us, a resolution is a renewed opportunity to commit to a life of intention. A realization that the earth has orbited the sun one more time and we won’t be here infinitely to enjoy it.

So as we stepped into 2017, we welcomed a new year with bright opportunity and a chance to live a dream that many could not ever fathom. For this, we are truly grateful.

Lighting a Chinese Lantern in Costa Rica to bring in the new year

Lighting a Chinese Lantern in Costa Rica to bring in the new year

As we rung in the new year, celebrating the start of 2017 with dear friends by our side, we couldn’t help but cheers the champagne glasses to the amazing adventure ahead.

So where will the Journey of a Compass take us in? 

2017-2018 Travel Plans Revealed

We thought the start of the new year is the perfect time to share our travel plans for the first 12 months of our adventure!

We have decided that we will be leaving in November, just in time to escape the nippy Canadian winters.  Kristina will be wrapping up her master’s degree by the end of August and a beautiful & colorful fall will give us plenty of time to wrap up loose ends, say our temporary farewells, and squeeze in a few Adirondack hikes.

New Zealand

We figured we would begin our journey as far away as we could. Sorry mom. We have decided to begin our travels in New Zealand! As we make our way from the North Island, through to the South Island of NZ in re-locator vehicles aka van life (more to come on that soon), we wanted our first adventure to be a blissful serenity of nature, mountains, and water. There was no better place for this than New Zealand.


After roughly two months in the land of kiwis, we plan on making it to Australia right in time for Christmas! Any Aussies want to take us in for xmas? As we revisit Michael’s old stomping grounds in Oz and explore the east coast of the country, we’ll look to take in as much as we can without breaking the bank for one month.

South East Asia

So that takes us to approximately three months as we enjoy our last bits of guaranteed toilet paper and drinking water from the tap, as we make our way to South East Asia for the remainder of the year!

This is a condensed itinerary and omits so many of the details, ideas, and adventures that we are hoping to include in our journey.  But if we told you all the deets about the plans for skydiving in NZ, getting our diving certification in Australia, and studying Buddhism in South East Asia up front… what’s the fun in that?

What we do know is that this next year will be a year of intention; of living our lives to the fullest as we say goodbye to Canada for the foreseeable future and explore communities in far away places, get to know people and their beautiful stories, and immerse ourselves in all the beauty this world has to offer.