Our Leap for an Unconventional Life

The Unconventional Life

This blog officially begins our journey.  Our Journey to live the unconventional.  To toss the bowlines and set sail into the unknown of a life of adventures.

Not quite sure what we mean?  We’ve committed to selling all of our belongings and starting a journey that will take us to all the corners of the world.  We aren’t exactly positive about what it will look like. What we do know, is that come September 2017, the adventure is truly underway. We can’t show you the blueprint and that’s part of the fun of it.


Why are we doing this?  We have tasted the rugged beauty of this world, lived a simpler lifestyle, and have fallen in love with far-away communities. We know we are not meant for the lifestyle we are living.

Our souls have been filled with adventures for years and it becomes harder and harder to work and live the 9 to 5. We have respect for our loved ones that do and we do not judge.  And we have learned that it is not for us.  Not right now. Potentially never.

The most exciting thing was discovering that there is a community of people doing just what we want to do.

We’re not naïve to think it won’t be hard. That there won’t be struggle and real times of doubt. What we do know is that we want something different.

Let the adventure begin

As we begin our journey, the Journey of a Compass, we hope you will share in our adventures, our stories, our passion for travel, and the never-ending beauty that this world has to offer.

The Journey of a Compass is one that never truly settles; it is a never-ending adventure seeking to discover the raw beauty of a mountain, the colours and sights of a small village, and a community of people in all the corners of this world, allowing us to reconnect to what is truly important.


This world is made up of 7.5 billion people, separated by borders, but united by humanity. The Journey of a Compass seeks to bring joy and connection into people’s lives in hopes of spreading love and compassion. We hope you will join us on this wild Journey.

Curious about how we’re going to fund this Journey?