Eating Vegan Food while Traveling

As brand new folks to the vegan movement, we thought we would share the whole truth about our experience traveling while eating vegan food.

Having gone from a full-fledged carnivore diet only two years ago, we slowly weaned ourselves into the vegan lifestyle. We started by cooking one vegetarian meal per week. We then committed to not cooking meat and fish at home. As we started to travel South East Asia, we decided to give the vegan lifestyle a go while traveling.

Since we’ve gotten so many questions about our vegan food posts on instagram, we thought we would share a bit more on our vegan experience.

When did we start eating vegan food?

Becoming vegan is a process and everyone has their own story. Michael turned to the vegan lifestyle overnight after watching the documentary What the Health shortly before we left. He’s in it for the long haul. Kristina is giving the vegan lifestyle a try but still longs for cheese and a small piece of bacon.

Ultimately, the vegan lifestyle is a learning process. After watching heaps of documentaries while we were living in Canada, we were struck by the nature of industrial farming and the food we were putting in our body.

So does VEGAN become an identity? Are you either a die-hard vegan or not? Not necessarily. What we have come to realize is that we really enjoy vegan food. And we are testing out the effects of the vegan lifestyle for our mind and our body.

It’s as simple as that.

Why are you giving the vegan lifestyle a chance?

We both came at it primarily for health reasons. As we learned more about the impact of meat, fish and dairy consumption on our body, it became harder and harder to deny that a plant-based diet is straight up better for our health.

Kristina’s bacon and egg cravings are a real thing. Especially when you miss home. But, learning more about the industrial farming production of meat, fish and dairy floored us and definitely triggered the ethical compass for our health and for the planet.

Isn’t it hard to eat vegan food while traveling?

Honestly, the experience has been amazing and it’s been surprisingly easy! We’ve been using the Happy Cow app and have been led to the most beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil restaurants in different parts of each city.

For breakfast, we’ve been making a yummy oatmeal and chia bowl with fresh fruits every day. Our breakfast routine makes going out to lunch & dinner that much more special.

Are you sure you’re getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals?

With nutrition packed meals, we know for a fact that we are getting the right amount of goods in the meals we eat. We are also taking a B12 supplement which many vegans take, as it is the only vitamin that is lacking from a plant based diet.

How do we feel?

We feel amazing. Neither of us have been sick, our skin has cleared up, our bowels are regularly (yep, we went there) and we feel energized to take on any adventure that comes our way. We always pack peanuts and some fruit as a snack for those hangry moments.

We are not consuming as many calories as we do with a meat and dairy packed diet, so we make sure to eat more frequently.

We haven’t missed eating meat or seafood while traveling through South East Asia so far.

Vietnam is a Buddhist dominant region. The monks that live in the monasteries are vegetarian, so we’ve found that there is an incredible selection of vegetarian/vegan food restaurants throughout Vietnam. We are in Ubud, Bali for the next month and the vegan food restaurants are absolutely dynamite.

Why is Kristina hangry so much?

With action packed adventures in Vietnam, sometimes you get to dinner and your body’s energy tank is on empty. The result? Kristina gets a bit hangry when Michael tries to take pictures of her.

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